Tutorials: How to import or sweep a private key from a paper wallet

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Remember! If you import from the paper wallet to a software wallet the balance will be available on both.

If someone gets hold of your paper wallet you can still loose your funds on the software walllet.

The safest method is to SWEEP your private key, basically its sending a transaction to yourself. After the sweep is complete, the paper wallet is completely depleted of funds and all of the private key’s cloaks now belong to a new private key in the software wallet. You do this by:

  • Open the cloakcoin wallet
  • Make sure it is fully synced
  • On the menu navigate to 'Help' then 'Debug window' then on 'Console'
  • Type: importprivkey YourPaperWalletPrivateKey "OPTIONAL LABEL"
  • Wait a few seconds or minutes until the command pront returns, then its done.
  • Its advisable to send the full amout of the paper walllet