Tutorials: How to restore a backuped wallet.dat file

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1. First you need to have a running CloakCoin wallet.

2. Close the wallet.

3. Then for the diferent platforms:

Press on your keyboard 'win'+'r'
Now enter %appdata%
Windows Explorer has opened, click into the 'CloakCoin' folder
The wallet creates a folder in the home directory of the user that is running the wallet.
Open a terminal
Go to the home directory of the user who is running the wallet. If this is you, enter 'cd' and press enter on your keyboard.
Now write 'cd .CloakCoin' and press enter.
Open Finder.
Select 'Go' / 'Go To Folder' from the finder menu.
Enter '~/Library/Application Support/CloakCoin/'
Click the 'Go' button.

4. Rename or move the current wallet.dat file and replace it with your backup.