Tutorials: Installation Instructions for Linux

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Instalation of the Linux Edition

Instalation of the Linux QT GUI edition

  1. If you have installed a previous version, please stop the running wallet.
  2. Backup your wallet.dat
  3. Remove the old installation
  4. Open a terminal as user
  5. cd
    mv .CloakCoin .CloakCoin_backup
  6. Unzip the download.
  7. Open a terminal with root rights
  8. cd /opt
    mkdir -vp cloakcoin/
    cd !$
    mv /path/to/unzipped/cloakcoin* .
    chmod +x cloakcoin*
    ln -s /opt/cloakcoin/ /usr/local/bin/cloakcoin
  9. On some debian/ubuntu distributions you need to installing missing libs as with root privileges:
  10. apt-get update
    apt-get install libcurl3 libcurl3-gnutls
  11. run cloakcoin with your user account
  12. Follow the instructions from the installer.
  13. Say yes to the 'auto blockchain downloader' this will be the faster way!
  14. Let your wallet find other nodes and sync the blockchain
  15. Instalation of the Linux Daemon edition

    1. Create config directory in your Home folder
    2. mkdir /home/USERNAME/.CloakCoin
    3. Switch to the directory and download newest Blockchain for faster sync
    4. cd /home/USERNAME/.CloakCoin
      wget https://backend.cloakcoin.com/wallet/v2/cloak_ldb.zip
      unzip cloak_ldb.zip
    5. Create .CloakCoin.conf file with rpcusername and password
    6. nano /home/USERNAME/.CloakCoin/CloakCoin.conf
    7. Save this file and exit
    8. Create a folder for your CloakCoin Daemon and download this new Wallet
    9. mkdir /home/USERNAME/cloakcoin
      cd /home/USERNAME/cloakcoin
      wget https://www.cloakcoin.com/en/downloader.html?file=files/downloads/wallet/
      unzip cloakCoin_qt-daemon_linux_x64_v2.0.2.1.defender.zip
      rm -r cloakCoin_qt-daemon_linux_x64_v2.0.2.1.defender.zip
    10. Start Daemon