Tutorials: Installation Instructions for MacOS

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  1. Download Mac Wallet
  2. Extract zip file and start cloakCoin-qt.xxxx.dmg
  3. Drag & Drop the cloakCoin-qt App in the Application Folder
  4. Start cloakCoin-qt App in Application Folder -> you will get a warning that the app is from a unidentified developer
  5. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Security & Privacy. Read more.
  6. You need to unblock the app by clicking the 'Open Anyway' in Security & Privacy
  7. the cloakCoin-qt app will continue with the instalation.
  8. You will get a warning: 'Cant find local blockchain…..Would you like to auto-download it?'
  9. Click 'Yes'
  10. when the blockchain finnishes downloading cloakCoin-qt app will be running and in full sync!
  11. Always remember -> to encrypt your wallet via password Keyphrase! + backup your wallet.dat on a USB Stick or External Harddrive. Just to be sure!

If you need to reinstall the blockchain file with the auto-downloader follow this Tutorial