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CloakCoin offre une récompense de 6% par an pour Proof-of-Stake Et les utilisateurs peuvent aussi partager les frais de 1.8% lié à l'aide aux transactions ENIGMA.

- Note that the timing of the staking reward is not linear, you get the reward when you create a block, it's not just switch on the wallet and get the reward, it's similar to finding a block with PoW. Chance and luck comes into play in the process, but your coins will stake and get the 6% per annum.

Pos reward

With a 6% PoS dividend yield annually, CLOAK has much to offer for investors and holders. The 6% annual dividend is paid on the amount of CLOAK an investor holds in his wallet. Each time the Coins are minting, there's a fraction of the annual interest paid as an incentive for supporting the network. Minting is possible on any computer (even low-end!) and with minimal energy consumption.

Enigma assistence reward/fee

A Cloaker participant receives incentives in the form of reward fees. The reward fees are randomly split, 80%-120%, of an equally split Enigma fee.

Enigma rates charged to sender which will be distributed among all participating Cloakers:

TX Amount Enigma Fee % CLOAK Fee
0 1.00 0
10 0.992 0.0992
50 0.96 0.48
100 0.92 0.92
200 0.84 1.68
300 0.76 2.28
400 0.68 2.72
500 0.60 3.00
600 0.52 3.12
700 0.44 3.08
800 0.36 2.88
900 0.28 2.52
1000 0.20 2.00
2000 0.20 4.00
3000 0.20 6.00
4000 0.20 8.00

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